Press Kit

Press Kit


Way Down Deep
Based in Houston, TX

Galvanic Games
Based in Seattle, WA

Release Date:
Late 2019

Nintendo Switch
Steam: PC/Mac

USD: $12.99
Euro: €9.99
GB: £9.99

Simplified Chinese


Some Distant Memory is a story-heavy exploration game.

You play as the Professor, on a mission to find the sunken city of Houston. Things have been getting worse for the few surviving colonies of Earth as their resources dwindle and a corrupting algae bloom threatens all that remains. For years you've been systematically exploring the wastes without any sign of the ruins. Your main companions on your mission are ARORA, an AI who's been humanity's guiding lantern since the Collapse, and the Commander, an explorer newly charged with keeping you safe.

Everything changes when you fall into the ruins of an ancient house. As you explore, the memories of the people who lived there come to life with the help of ARORA's Memory Reconstruction system. Uncover hints about what happened to civilization, discover strange artifacts, and discover the secrets of the family whose tomb you've raided.

And then find a way out.


In early 2016, after the launch of their first title, Gurgamoth, Galvanic Games wanted to take on more ambitious titles. At that time Way Down Deep was looking for a team that could deliver highly polished, artistically-driven experiences to tell a specific kind of love story. From those mutual desires, they collaborated on the initial designs for Some Distant Memory. Building the narrative engine, narrative design, and levels took most of the first year. Galvanic took a development hiatus from Some Distant Memory during the production of Rapture Rejects, allowing more time for Some Distant Memory’s writing. After Rapture Rejects launched, the team returned in full to Some Distant Memory to implement the remaining gameplay and story.


  • A non-violent, character-driven story.

  • Lots of mysteries to uncover, from the cause of the fall of civilization, to the glitches of your computer, and the fates of the people who lived in the house centuries before.

  • A story that moves at your pace. Explore freely, discover new artifacts, and move onto the next chapter when you’re ready.

  • So many feelings. Discover stories of love, growth, loss, and grief as you explore the house and your relationships with ARORA and the commander.

  • A great soundtrack by Toytree (Amos Roddy), the composer for Strafe and the award-winning Kingdom, Kingdom: New Lands, and Kingdom: Two Crowns.




History of Galvanic Games

Galvanic Games has been making games in Seattle since 2015. The original four founders worked at a creative agency making games, but split off to form Galvanic to build the games they believed in. Some Distant Memory is their fourth game after Gurgamoth, Questmore (made with Kongregate), and Rapture Rejects (made with tinyBuild).

History of Way Down Deep

Way Down Deep is a game publisher that specializes in meaningful, non-violent games with interesting themes based on love and life. Some Distant Memory will be their second released title after The Stars Between Us. They are also publishing Half Past Fate developed by Serenity Forge and Circadian City by Nowhere Studios.


Way Down Deep

Rajen Savjani, Producer

Galvanic Games

Amanda End, Engineer, Project Manager
CJ Kimberlin, Lead Engineer
Sean Gibbons, Writer
Royce McLean, Lead Art
Auston Montville, Sr Engineer
Patrick Morgan, Creative Director
Dominic Sodano, Animation
Jesse Tucker, Level Design

with help from
David Felton, Graphic Design
Steffani Lawhead, Art
Matthew Morgan, Sound Design
Amos Roddy, Music
M Josh Cauller, Trailers
Nic Freeman, Lead QA
Jay Moore, Business Development
Mikey Cox, Marketing